Cloud Server Manager

Our cloud server manager was developed and built in-house. The user interface was designed to be simple and elegant but at the same time provide our clients with the features they require to properly manage their server. We're proud to stay that the end result was just that!


The dashboard provides a quick view of your last 5 jobs, server status, network and storage usage, and graphs showing your server metrics.

Deploy Instantly

Start up a new server instantly using the deploy tool. Specify the server name, choose a distro, your disk size, and root password and go!

Power control

Control the power state of your server with one click of the mouse, boot, reboot, or shutdown.

Multiple Server Profiles

Create multiple server profiles all with different kernel, disk, and/or memory configurations. Spin up or down any of these profiles as needed.

Disk Management

Create, expand, shrink, delete, clone. It's as simple as that when it comes to managing your disk images.

IP Networking

See all IP's assigned to your cloud server as well as modify their corresponding PTR (reverse dns) records. Bandwidth usage can also be easily viewed.

Server Metrics

Monitor CPU usage, network traffic in and out, and even your disk reads and writes. All of these vital resources can be monitored via out detailed graphs.

Out-of-band Console

Ever make a networking or firewall configuration mistake and can no longer access the server? The out-of-band console gives your direct access to your server so you can correct the issue.

Here you can see a list of distributions available for deployment on our cloud servers. If you do not see a distribution you require simply contact our support team and we'll get it added asap! All distributions are available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions so long as the vendor provides each architecture.





Fedora Core




Scientific Linux

Arch Linux