Getting Started


Selecting a server plan

The first step when ordering a new cloud server is figuring out what size you need. If you look close you can see each cloud server plan comes with a set amount of resources (CPUs, Memory, Disk Space, Bandwidth). You will want to choose a plan you think will fit your needs. If you are unsure you have a couple options. One, you can simply ask out staff. Remember though unless your currently hosting an existing server with us we really have no way of knowing what your going to need. We can make a general assumption but in the end what you require is based on your application and the amount of resources it requires to process the amount of requests it's receiving. The second option, and this is what we recommend doing, is to choose a smaller plan and to scale up as needed. Upgrading your server to a larger plan only requires a simple reboot and those resources are available to your instantly!


Placing your order

Now that you've decided which cloud server you want to order you need to head over to our Sign Up page. On this page you will first select the cloud server you would like to order and then you'll have the option of adding multiple add-ons. Next you will need to fill out the client information section with your proper contact info and then fill out the payment section. Finally you can leave some custom notes for the order if needed and enter your promotion code if you have one! Once you click the "Place Order" button you will either see a list of errors you need to correct or you will be shown a order confirmation page. Thats it!


Deploying your new cloud server

You've received your new cloud server details, sweet! Now it's time get fire up your new server. To do this, log into our client area and select services from the top navigation bar. Now find your new server in the list of services and click "View Details". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Cloud Server Manager" button. You are now in the cloud management interface and this is where you can start, stop, reboot, create, and destroy your server. Since we are just starting off we are going to create a new instance and we can do this by clicking the "Deploy" tab. You will now need to fill in the required fields. Profile name is just a name you want to give to this configuration. Most clients just name the profile something simple like "Production Server" or "Development Server". Now select your distribution, this is the operating system you want to run. The disk size section has already been populated so that all of your allocated diskspace will be assigned to this disk. If you do not want all of your disk space allocated to this new instance simple change the disk size. Swap disk has also been selected for you automatically. Since this is a new install the option to create a new swap disk has been selected. Finally enter and confirm the root password you would like to set for this instance and click the "Deploy" button. You will then be redirected to the jobqueue where you can watch the progress of your deploy, if any of the jobs fail please contact our support team! Once these jobs complete you can now start your server by clicking on the profiles tab and then clicking the boot link next to the server profile you just deployed. Your server is now up and running!