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  Memory CPU(s) Storage Transfer Price
1 GB 1 CPU 24 GB 2 TB $10/mo
2 GB 2 CPUs 48 GB 2 TB $20/mo
4 GB 4 CPUs 96 GB 4 TB $40/mo
6 GB 6 CPUs 144 GB 6 TB $60/mo
8 GB 8 CPUs 192 GB 8 TB $80/mo
16 GB 8 CPUs 384 GB 16 TB $160/mo
32 GB 12 CPUs 768 GB 20 TB $320/mo
48 GB 16 CPUs 1152 GB 25 TB $480/mo
64 GB 16 CPUs 1536 GB 30 TB $640/mo


Make your cloud server even better!

  Add-on Description Price
cPanel/WHM License Popular control panel software that turns your server into a fully functional multi-domain hosting server. $10 per month
CloudLinux License The CloudLinux OS is proven to improve density, stability and performance on help web hosting servers. $12 per month
Server Management Sit back and relax while our team monitors, hardens, and provides security updates to new threats quickly and effeciantly. $100 per month
Remote Storage Never trust a single storage location, with remote storage your data can be in two places on seperate hardware.
How much space would you like?
20 GB minimum quantity
$0.25/GB per month

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